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Youstice for customers

Why should I use Youstice as a customer?
Youstice is by far the easiest, fastest, and most comprehensive way to resolve your shopping issues online and free. Youstice makes it super-easy for you to reach out to the retailer and tell them what's wrong. Furthermore, Youstice is the first tool for managing your shopping complaints that enables you to propose a way in which you would like to resolve your issue. To get some kind of an image of what Youstice does, watch our video.

Plus, in order to be part of Youstice, all retailers must
achieve agreements with their customers in at least 80% of cases and implement at least 98% of the agreements or decisions issued by an ODR provider
In order to find out more about benefits of using Youstice for resolving your claims, please visit our website.
How can I file a claim?
There are two possible scenarios when filing a claim in Youstice:
  1. Retailer is registered in Youstice already. In this case, simply go to the shop's website and look for the Youstice button to start the process. Please keep in mind that different retailers can implement Youstice to their website in different ways. The most common practice is that they insert a Youstice button somewhere on their website - usually in the customer care section where you would seek information on how to file a claim. Another common place is the order history section where you can file a claim regarding a specific order or item. To get an idea of what it might look like you can take a look at some examples of how other companies have integrated Youstice on their websites. Also check out our step-by-step manual that will take you through the process of filing a complaint.
  2. Retailer is not registered in Youstice yet. First things first - don’t worrry! You can still file your complaint and let them know you are not quite satisfied. On our website, we have a specific page where you can invite your retailer to Youstice and file a claim regarding your shopping issue against them.
How do I know if the retailer is using Youstice?
Retailers using Youstice can implement our platform to their website in various ways. However, the common feature is that they have a Youstice logo or a complaint-button somewhere on their website. If you want to take a look on some examples of what this might look like on a website, click here.
What if the retailer does not use Youstice?
Don’t worry! You can let them know anyway. Just go to our webstite and invite them to Youstice by filing your complaint using their e-maill adress and website of their shop.
Ok, I filed my case. Now what?
Good job! By letting the retailer know that you are experiencing some kind of issue with their services, you made the first and most important step towards improving it! 
The retailer received an e-mail notification with a link to your case - and it’s their turn to respond to it. There are several notifications in the lifecycle of the case to make sure the retailer does not overlook it. From our experience, retailers usually reply as soon as they receive the claim, since it is easier for them to answer Youstice file than phone calls or e-mails.
In the mean time, you can see the details of your case by logging in to your Youstice account and opening the case file in the list of all your cases. Once there, you can see the full history of the case, send a message to the retailer, ask for advice from a consumer centre and/or prolong the time for resolving the case.
Once the retailer replies, you will get a notification e-mail as well - and it will be your turn to respond to retailers proposal. Will you accept it, negotiate for even better solution or will you escalate the case to an ODR provider and request a neutral decision?
How long does it take to resolve the issue?
The initial period for negotiation after filing your claim is one month. However, the time needed for negotiations between you and the retailer depends on the complexness of the issue. Thanks to Youstice´s sytematic approach, the negotiations are simple and fast, and therefore should not take any longer than really neccessary.  From our experience, retailers tend to reply close-to-immediately and simple issues are often resolved within hours.
Where can I manage my personal data, settings, e-mail, password and delete my account?
Just like in any other serious service you can manage your personal data and settings after logging into your account. Click "Profile" in the upper menu and then select from the tabs on the left (Personal details, Languages, Account Settings, Notifications).
The password and e-mail can be changed in the "Account Settings" tab.
You can delete your account in the "Account Settings" tab as well, in which case you will be asked to confirm the deletition of your account by clicking a verification link in an e-mail notification sent to your current e-mail adress.
What if the retailer does not speak my language?
Youstice is a multilingual application. Thanks to its architecture you and the retailer can speak different languages while seeing the same information about the case. However, in case you or need to provide additional info, explain your statement in more details or simply want to express your position, you can always add text information in your language. This information can be automatically translated directly in the case details. This also applies to the messages sent via Youstice. You can access case details and message feature after login.
What if I cannot access my account?
If you forgot your password, please use the "I forgot my password" feature in order to retrieve it. It is accessible at the login screen. If you enter a wrong password too many times, you will not be able to access your account for 24 hours for security reasons. If you have other issues accessing your account, please contact us at info@youstice.com.