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About Youstice

What is Youstice?
Youstice is the first global multilingual platform for resolving local and cross-border customer complaints and shopping related disputes arising not only from e-commerce but also offline purchases.
In B2C (business to customer) interaction, it sometimes happens that the customer is not satisfied with the product or service he or she received (or did not receive at all), and sometimes the dissatisfaction even turns into a dispute - whis is especially true for online purchases. Anyway, for all cases, there is Youstice!
Thanks to it's structured and standardized architecture, Youstice provides faster communication and negotiation as well as easy access to all data necessary to successful resolution of the case. All that while maintaining simple and user-friendly environment. 
Customers submit their complaints directly from the store's website by clicking on the Youstice's logo which redirects them to the cloud application - saving time and energy for both retailer and customer.
Please, watch our video for better imagination.
How does it work?
Customers can file a claim regarding their purchase in a few steps - the whole process takes up to a few minutes. Once the claim is filed, the retailer replies and the fun part begins! The negotiation, as we call it, is the best opportunity to find a win-win solution that will make both parties happy!
For those few cases when the parties are unable to find a mutually acceptable outcome there is a possibility for the customer to escalate their case to an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) provider who assigns an independent individual - a neutral - to issue a decision in the case.
To get a better visual image, check out our "How it works" section.
How to register?
Retailers can register from our website (see "Sign in" button in the upper right corner of the page, then "Register" and "Get Youstice for your store") or directly on this link. The process only takes a few minutes and is pretty standard. No need for credit card.
Customers can register from our website (see "Sign in" button in the upper right corner of the page), directly in the application or in the last step of file claiming proces.
If you would like to register a different type of account (ODR providers, Consumer Centres and Trustmarks), please contact us by e-mail at info@youstice.com or use our contact form.
Is it safe?
Youstice is a complementary service. Therefore all users need to create their accounts in the application, which only takes a few clicks. You can trust us, we’ve done it countless times in our testing environment winking face
All data in the Youstice environment is secure for both customers and retailers, and all the customer data is protected at all times. Youstice employs best existing practices for online security and data protection. For more information about Privacy Policy and Security click here.
Is it free?
Retailers pay for Youstice services based on their selected subscription plan as well as for ODR costs allocated to them by independent neutrals in the decisions of the case escalated to an ODR provider
Youstice is free for customers in absolute majority of cases. Youstice is always free for customers who wish to file their claim and to negotiate with the shop.  Customers might be required to pay a nominal fee only if they request an independent decision, and the appointed neutral professional allocates administrative costs to the customer in the decision. Customers will always be informed about maximum potential costs in advance - before the escalation itself.