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Youstice for businesses

Why should I use Youstice for my business?
Youstice's unique ability is to declutter the customer care and turn dissatisfied customers into advocates of your brand. Just imagine it: no emotional phone calls and e-mails, no ventilated frustration and ego, just a simple and structured file with all the data neccessary to identify the customer and his or her purchase, so you can focus your energy on resolving the issue rather than strugglining to find out what's wrong. Hard to imagine, right? Watch our video to get a better picture! Besides, there is also the ADR directive that dictates that all retailers must ensure access to ADR/ODR procedure to their customers.

You can start decluttering your customer care today with a free trial or visit our website.
How can I register?
You can simply use this link. The process only takes a few minutes and is pretty standard. No need for credit card.
Should the link for whatever reason be invalid, you can also register directly from our website. Look for "Sign in" button in the upper right corner of the page, then "Register" and "Get Youstice for your store".
Do I have to pay?
Youstice for businesses comes with a monthly or yearly fee based on the subscription you choose. You can see the subscription plans and pricing any time on our website here.
Do I have to pay during the registration?
No. During the registration, you will only be asked to choose one of our subscription plans to suit your needs. You can see them in advance on our website - see our subscription plans. Furthermore, you do not have to fill in your payment method (credit card, PayPal etc).
How much do I pay for the subscription?
Specific price for your subscription depends on the subscription plan you choose... more
How can I pay for the subscription?
Youstice will send you a regular invoice for each period agreed in your contract. The invoice is to be paid by a bank transfer.
Can I change my subscription plan?
Sure, in case you need to change your subscription plan, just go to our pricing page, choose an option that suits your needs better than the current subscription, and let us know at info@youstice.com. We’ll be happy to help you!
What if I have more than one shop?
The number of shops you can register under one Youstice account depends on the subscription plan you choose during registration. You can always consult our pricing page to check these numbers, and you can of course upgrade your subscription to a higher plan at any time.
If the pre-defined subscription plans do not suit your needs and you would like to get a more personalized offer, please do contact us at info@youstice.com and we can discuss tailor-made subscription for your business.
How can I integrate Youstice into my website?
Now that's a great question! You can find all the neccessary information regarding the implementation of Youstice to your website after logging into your account. Click on the "Integration and customization" tab on the right side of the upper menu, select the shop that you want to integrate Youstice into, and go to "Quick integration guide" tab - again on the right side of the menu.
Where can I manage my personal and company info?
First, log into the application using your e-mail and password, then go to your "Profile" tab in the upper menu. You will see another menu on the left allowing you to manage your personal and company details, language preferences, users, ODR providers and settings regarding your use of Youstice. 
What do "user", "supervisor" and "admin" roles mean and how do I manage them?
Retailer’s "user" is an account that represents one employee responsible for replying to and negotiating with the customers.
"Supervisor" can assign cases to their users and can view/review their cases.
"Admin" can forward cases to retailer's other shops or paired shops of a different retailer your company cooperates with.
You can add users, supervisors and admins in the "Profile" tab of the upper menu. Click on it, then click "Users" and you will see the list of existing users as well as the possiblity to add new or edit existing users.
Where can I change my display language?
Display language is edited in the the "Personal details" tab, as it serves as the display language for the particular account, and is not neccessarily the default language of the retailer. "Languages" tab refers to the set of languages in which the customers can communicate with your company.
What language do my customers file their complaints in?
Youstice is a multilingual application and thanks to its architecture customers do not have to file their claims in your language. However, in case any of parties needs to provide additional info, explain some statement in more detail, or simply express their position, the user can always add text information to the case in their respecitve language. This information can be automatically translated directly in the case details. This also applies to the messages sent via Youstice. You can access case details and message feature after login.
What if I cannot access my account?
If you forgot your password, please use the "I forgot my password" fea... more
How can I use the ODR feature?
Go to your "Profile" tab in the upper menu, then select "ODR providers" in the menu on the left and click "Add". You will see a list of ODR providers registered in Youstice from which you will be able to filter and select one or more. Once you find an ODR you wish to cooperate with, select the checkbox on the right and fill in the required information. Scroll down to the bottom of the list, mark the agreement with the ODR Rules, and click "Add ODRs". Done! Now your customers are able to escalate their cases to the ODR provider(s).